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About me!

As a teacher, I have always taken pride creating an interesting and colourful classroom environment. Through the years, my colleagues often pointed out that I had a flair and natural creativity for making role-play areas, interactive learning displays and wall displays to show children’s work off to its best advantage. I would feel a real enthusiasm each term thinking and adapting ideas to develop a theme based on the current topic.

I have also enjoyed creating backdrops and costumes for assemblies and plays.


Taking time off from teaching, I decided to develop backdrops based on popular topics taught in schools that would be used as a means to decorate any child’s room as well as a stimulus for role-play.


My initial watercolour paintings are now printed onto vinyl - a great alternative to permanent artwork. I chose vinyl as an obvious material as it is durable and practical.


Now I can offer a range of  themed wall hangings to brighten up any room, garden or school environment that can be used for decorating or/and as a teaching aid.


Using my original paintings and a lot of dedicated hours on my computer , I am currently creating PowerPoints, Bingo games, flashcards and worksheets based on each theme to further develop learning and play.


It takes time to design and create these resources single-handed, so please encourage your friends / colleagues to visit my website for additional resources and downloads.


If you cannot find what you want, why not get in touch?

I may be able to create a scene just for you.




Favourite Themes

Current School


Indoor or Outdoor Play

'Setting    the   scene'     for  roleplay,   displays,   topic   boards   and   learning   activities


You can now find & obtain my printable resources and PowerPoints on my new website

Marie's Teaching Resources  


All backdrops are printed in the UK!

Cheaper alternatives do not guaranty that colours fade over time...tried & tested!