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There are many possibilities to hang a backdrop. The eyelets enable you to hang it over nails/hooks or to use rope/washing line that you can fix along a wall or across the corner of a room, indoors or outdoors. Wherever possible, place the backdrop at child height. What looks exciting from adult height does not necessarily look the same for the children.

There are many ways and places you can place a backdrop

Bring storytelling to life

Try and incorporate elements which stimulate children’s senses. Children love to dress up and slip into a fantasy world. Adding hands-on props would also further encourage their imaginative play, their curiosity and spark their enthusiasm to learn more!  


Here are some suggestions:

Rainbow-d Rainbow-d


Wellington boots, bucket, broom, apron, gardening gloves, straw hat, small wheelbarrow, fake flowers/ plants, flower pots, planting tools, watering can, spray bottles, seed trays, seed packets and if you don’t mind a little mess, a bag of compost!











Swimming costume, beach wear, towel, sun hat, empty sun cream/lotion bottle, sunglasses, rubber ring, snorkel, goggles, flippers, bucket, spade, sand moulds, deckchair, parasol, kite, seashells, pebbles, fishing net, fishing rod, beach bag, pretend food, table cloth for a picnic.  For a Seaside Café: table, chairs, menus, price list, order pad and pen, plastic plates/ cups/ cutlery, paper napkins, straws, pretend food, till and money, brush and dustpan, drying cloth, posters, seaside postcards.







Treasure chest, gold coins, jewellery, telescope, compass, treasure map, shovel, parrot, sword, hammock, lantern, pirate flag, rope to tie knots, wooden plates / bowls / spoons, pretend food, tinned food, a plank











Medieval Castle  

Wooden stool / chair/ table, cloth for the table, rug, tapestry material, sheepskin, banners, lantern, wooden plates / bowls / spoons, large basket, candlesticks, treasure chest, gold coins, jewellery, quill pen and ink, paper made to look like parchment pieces, sword and crown











Traditional Stories / Fairy Tales

Basket, pretend food, fake flowers, pillow and blanket, nightdress, reading glasses, treasure chest, coins, jewellery, small bag with beans, three chairs of different size, three bowls of different size, three spoons, milk jug, table, table cloth










Jungle or Rainforest

Wellingtons, magnifying glass, camera, torch, compass, note book & pen, travel guide, map, backpack, picnic basket, lunch box, pretend food, tent, sleeping bag /blanket













Flower Shop 

Table, fake flowers, flower pots, planting tools, apron, gardening gloves, watering can, spray bottles, seed trays, seed packets, plastic vases, baskets, wrapping paper, cellophane, string, catalogues, adverts / posters / leaflets, price labels, till and money, note pad, scissors, cello tape and if you don’t mind a little mess, a bag of compost!



'Setting    the   scene'     for  roleplay,   displays,   topic   boards   and   learning   activities


Favourite Themes

Current School


Indoor or Outdoor Play

Pirate props treasure box Explorer props

The play materials can usually be found around the home. Charity shops are too a good place for finding accessories, materials and items of clothing that are interesting and at little cost. Have fun searching together for unfound treasures... lace, velvet curtains and tablecloths can be made into costume; scarves, shawls, bags, shoes, boots and hats are also essentially fun to play with.


Brighten up your

Play areas

Reading areas


Topic boards



Standard size

1.40m x 2m




Printed onto light weight mat finish vinyl



Ready hemmed with eyelets



Fade resistant colour ink



Suitable for indoors & outdoors



Weather and tear resistant



Wiped clean with soap & water



Fire retardant



Free Postage

If you feel even more creative, look out for books that give great ideas for making your own props and fancy costumes. Children’s libraries are good places to start :)